Alright – done with Prufrock, and at the same time, done with Kenny’s blog. Although I haven’t posted one iota on his post in (now) 5 months, I did tune in a couple of times a week to see what it was up to. Admittedly, especially the comment section, was painfully repetitive.

While it certainly was amusing to watch Prufrock lash out at and “identify” every shadow puppet as “Daffy” (which I am certain he continues doing even now, after I told him quite clearly that I will no longer even read anything over there), it does get boring after reading his repeats, and repeats, and repeats so many times.

The same applies to me, and I agree that it must have gotten just as boring reading my repeated rips on Prufrock – let’s face it, the guy is a one-trick pony, and as such doesn’t really offer much variety of content… even his “insults” repeat after a while. Thus, heeding the call from BangkokMIlkshakes, I’m done – the Prufrock horse is no longer worth beating, and BigDummy’s audience deserves better – and better content shall be provided.

In the interim, I’m using this blog (and rather cool forum/BBS theme) as a sort of personal logbook to keep track of stuff, or plaster up links of interest, or stuff I prefer to keep archived.

It’s also a good place to actually strike up a conversation, because the format of this page is dynamic, and it allows multiple visitors to actually chat to each other in real time. More on that later.